Saturday, October 5, 2013

Finding Undervalued Singapore Stock: Ocean Sky - update

Ocean Sky was first featured on this blog 6 months back as an undervalued stock (refer to article). Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks that Ocean Sky is undervalued, Ezion (a hot stock considered by many local investor) announced that they are proposing to inject its marine supply base asset into Ocean Sky at cost via a share swap. Post exercise, Ezion will hold 45.15% in Ocean Sky while the latter will have a 2% stake in Ezion. This is a strategic move to enable Ezion to tap into the growth potential of the marine supply base business in Australia without stretching its balance sheet and resources further, while allowing the company to stay focused on its core liftboat and service rigs business.

Ezion will issue 20.2m new shares @ S$2.351 per share in exchange for 440m new shares in Ocean Sky @
S$0.108 per share. In addition, Ezion will have the right to subscribe for an additional 165m shares @ S$0.108, which would raise its stake in Ocean Sky to c.50%.

Upon conclusion of the deal, the existing Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ezion – Captain Larry Glenn Johnson - will join Ocean Sky as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to spearhead the marine supply
base business.

Read more details of the deal by downloading report here

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